Talking Changes

Training, Consulting and Curriculum Development

Select Training Topics- All topics can be tailored to the agency's individual needs and population.

Diversity in the Workplace: One Agency, Many Cultures (6 hours)
This training helps participants foster a workplace environment that is welcoming and supportive of individuals from a wide variety of cultures, including but not limited to cultures of ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, ability and age.  Our identities impact how we perceive and interact with others, and this workshop seeks to assist participants in becoming more clear regarding our own identities, and how to create a workplace that encourages authenticity and respect, which leads to maximum productivity and positive workplace interaction.

Identity, Social Location, and the Impact of Perception (3.5 or 6 hours)
No human being actually sees reality.  What we see are the details and interpretations that our “lenses” – the filters formed by our identities and life experiences - focus on.  What we perceive and how we interpret that information has a profound impact on how we experience ourselves and others: until we understand who we are and how that identity impacts on our vision of the world around us, we risk missing or misinterpreting vital information.  This experiential workshop asks participants to examine our own identities, and to better understand how who we are impacts how we perceive and treat others.

Racism and the Myth of Colorblindness (6 hours)

Colorblindness is not only impossible, it’s undesirable.  This workshop addresses in a straightforward – at times confrontational – manner how we see the world, how social media affects this viewpoint, and what we can do to acknowledge and ameliorate racial inequalities.
LGBTQIA...SOS!  Sexuality and Gender, Differentiated and Demystified
We are witnessing the dawn of a new civil rights movement, and the question is no longer whether we will have LGBTQIA clients, but when, and whether we will be adequately prepared to serve these populations respectfully.  So let's talk about sex, and gender, and what - if anything - the two have to do with one another.  This highly experiential and interactive workshop will explain in plain language - through case examples, group discussion and video - exactly what it means to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, transgendered, cisgendered, intersex, FTM, MTF, and any other term participants have heard and aren't yet familiar with

Creating Group Safety: Your Key to Productivity, Creativity, and Morale  (3.5 hours)
Whether in a therapeutic group, a workshop, or a class, creating an atmosphere of safety is essential to maximal learning and growth.  This experiential workshop tackles issues of body language, setting and adhering to ground rules, working with challenging participants, and other topics that contribute to a sense of safety in the room.

Stress Management: Avoiding Burn-Out (3.5 hours)
Particularly in the social service field, self-care is not an option, but an imperative.  More and more research is linking the results of ongoing stress with illnesses such as heart disease, ulcers, and autoimmune dysfunction.  This highly interactive, fun, relaxing workshop will help participants recognize life stressors, stress triggers, and their personal responses to stressful life conditions.  We will explore the impact of stress on both professional and personal lives, and participants will experience and walk away with practical tools to reduce stress.  Participants are invited to wear comfortable clothing, if appropriate to the workshop setting.

Time Management: Making the Most of the Little Time You Have (3.5 or 6 hours)

This hands-on, highly interactive training approaches the issue of time management from a practical standpoint: the issue isn’t about finding more time, but about managing the time we currently have.  By the end of this session, participants will understand their own current time use patterns, as well as the reasons for and effects of procrastination, and will walk away with some concrete tools for improved time management.

Addictions and Twelve-Step Recovery as Therapeutic Adjunct (3.5 or 6 hours)
Twelve-step programs can serve as sources of considerable reinforcement and support for therapeutic treatment, and they can also foster social confidence that is not achievable in the individual treatment relationship.  This workshop explains the basic structure and concepts of twelve-step programs, discusses the 12-step programs that are currently available and how to find meetings, addresses myths around 12-step religious leanings, and explores the social dynamics that can make 12-step recovery invaluable to some of our clients.