About Our Company

When co-workers and colleagues learn to work together, there's no end to creative solutions.  The knowledge of a group will forever be greater than that of any individual, and cognitive diversity produces better ideas.

Talking Changes' primary mission is to create learning environments where participants feel comfortable enough to be themselves.  This, in turn, allows for honest, meaningful communication, as well as for maximum learning potential: the less self-conscious we are, the more our minds are free to listen and learn.

No matter the subject, the opportunity to be authentic improves participation, knowledge retention, and original thought.  While every training is content-rich, participants walk away not only with new resources, but with greater morale and insight.

Talking Changes offers personally-tailored, dynamic, interactive and solution-focused trainings, seminars, and curricula on a wide variety of topics. 

Dr. Gottlieb has over 20 years' experience in the training and consulting field, and eight as a university instructor at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

What We Offer

Services Overview


Training sessions can be tailored to your specific needs and the time you have: from 90 minutes to a full day.  Interactive trainings generally benefit from a group size no greater than 30 participants.



Seminars are more didactic and time-limited, and can be delivered to audiences of any size.  Most seminars involve visual aides such as PowerPoint, video, or a combination of media.

Curriculum/Syllabus Development

A co-created curriculum is yours to keep.  We can help you design your program and offer any needed guidance on content, materials and presentation style.


"Today's training was by far the most engaging, dynamic, and energizing experience I have had here - or at any conference over the past 15 years that I've been a social worker.  Mara is a terrific presenter, and I appreciate how deeply she challenged us to think and look within ourselves. Thank you!"

"I loved this training and the transparency of the trainer. She was knowledgeable and presented the information in a way that encouraged sharing and understanding."

"[Mara] weaves in and out academics to individual...never expected this topic to be so energizing, reflective, & helpful for staff. Thank you."


Talking Changes

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